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If you’re living without a mentor, you’re not living.

Why You Need A Mentor

//Photo Courtesy: paulannereid.com// Frankly, my career in my early twenties has been more like a perpetual pain tolerance test for emotional whiplash. To put it simply: it has hurt. When you go through hard times it’s easy to focus on what you don’t have rather than what you do. But in the midst of all these ups and downs I realized that the only thing …

Hate your internship? Guess what, that’s OK

Why Its Ok To Hate Your Internship

   //Photo Courtesy: Style At Home// In 2009 I shipped off to London for the trip of a lifetime. I spent six months living in a flat with ten of the chicest French exchange students I had ever laid eyes on. I backpacked through Europe, smoked my first cigarette, saw about 100 castles, and ate my body weight in fish and chips. I was 19, …