Why I’m thankful for my career

thankful for my career

Gird your loins ladies, this week we’ll celebrate one of my favorite (and most glutenous) holiday’s, Thanksgiving. I love this time of year mainly because I’m not at all above a good food coma and passing out at 4PM. But also because I happen to be a big believer in “giving thanks.” In fact, one of my fondest memories of recent Thanksgivings is when my boyfriend and I host our annual Friendsgiving and ask everyone to go around and tell the group what they’re thankful for.

It’s fun to hear everyone’s most grateful moment of the year’s past. It also a chance to reflect on my own life and what this year has given me…the moments, lessons, and experiences I can give thanks to.

This year was the first year I missed Friendsgiving, and our little tradition.  But fortunately that’s what’s fun about having a blog – I can still share what I’m thankful for with all of you.

I recognize that I spend a lot of time comparing jobs and companies to “bad boyfriends”, but the reality is, I love my past work experiences. Each and every one of them, no matter how tragic or dysfunctional, has helped me get closer to discovering and doing what I’m most passionate about. And if that’s not something to be grateful for, I don’t know what is.

So no work-bashing darlings! This week I’m all about spreading the love and gratefulness. So here are a few things I’m thankful for in my career. And if you would like to play virtual Friendsgiving with me,  would love to hear what you’re most thankful for in the comments below!

I’m thankful for…

Constantly being challenged in my work. And that feeling that comes along with being challenged. Doesn’t it make accomplishing big projects that much sweeter?

The bosses who actually cared that I learned something at my job. The one’s who weren’t blinded by ego or too busy to mentor me.

My friends and family who didn’t tell me to just get another office job. Who encouraged me to explore other opportunities and take chances.

The companies that let me go. Without them I may have not had the strength to leave what was comfortable on my own.

The mistakes I made on the job. Especially the painful ones. It’s my belief that the most painful experiences make the greatest impact and ultimately ignite the most personal growth.

And most importantly, I’m thankful for…

YOU. My readers who’ve given me the platform to share my experiences. The feedback comments and encouragement I’ve received inspires me everyday!


So tell me, what are YOU thankful for this year? 

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