Blogger tip: 19 blog topic ideas

19 blog topics

You know when you literally have nothing to write about?

I’m the first one to admit, there are days when figuring out what to write about feels about as easy as trying to remember 7th grade long division.

Even for novice writers, the struggle is real.

I’ve found the best way to solve this problem is to develop a list of blog prompts and topic ideas to fall back on:

1. Q&A Interview: Great because you’re literally copying and pasting a conversation with someone. These take preparation, but are very easy to put together once the interview is done.

2. Listicle: The classic curation post. Design a list from a group of third-party social media and/or blog posts. (Added bonus: Link back to the person who’s content you featured, and it’s a great way to show blogger-on-blogger love)

3. Remember when: A memory or old anecdote.

4. A “How-To”: Share a step-by-step process you think your readers would find useful. Here’s an example.

5. Event recap: Did you recently attend an event your audience would find interesting? (Tip: Add as many photos as you can!)

6. Pictorial: Think about telling a story with JUST images. Text should be minimal.

7. Resource sharing: Is there an online tool you love? Another website you frequently visit for tips? Write about it and share with your readers.

8. Guest Post: Why write when you can…get someone else to!

9. Answering a submitted question: Questions from readers inspire a lot of my posts. Check out this example.

10. Seasonal/Holiday: If you’re struggling with writer’s block think about seasonality. Can you somehow leverage a trending event, holiday, or seasonal topic to help you come up with a post idea? For instance, my Valentine’s Post from last year.

11. Best of/Top ___: Kind of like a Listical but more specific. See this example.

12. Profile: Like an interview without the Q&A format. You don’t necessarily have to interview the profile subject, however my journalism student self stresses that you probably should.

13. In the news: Think about current events, or the latest pop culture news. Is it something you have an opinion on or can speak your readers about? See my example.

14. Dear Diary: I like to think of this as a “day in the life” post.

15. What I learned: The ultimate reflection post. I used this format when I wrote about my four year anniversary. You’ll be surprised how many people want to read about what you learned.

16. Response gathering: Consider designing a post around a poll, survey, or series of questions.

17. What inspires me: Is there something or someone who inspires you? Perhaps it will inspire your readers as well.

18. Review: Like an event recap with an edge. (Tip: Make sure your opinion is clear and detailed. Reviews are best when there’s a unique perspective.)

19. Deeper Dive: Consider taking something you’ve already written about and diving a bit deeper into the topic, or consider revisiting a post all together.

And while you’re writing all this new fabulous content, consider this blogger tip:

BLOGGER TIP: Free (and good!) images

If you’re a new blogger you also may be familiar with the struggle of finding good quality images to accompany your posts. There are days when I spend more time looking for the perfect photo than actually writing.

One night my boyfriend saw how long it was taking me and casually asked why I wasn’t using Pexels?

Uh, because I had no idea.



I browsed the site for maybe five minutes before finding the perfect image. Best part? It didn’t cost me a thing. Well, except some of my online savvy ego with the boyfriend.

I’m not a fashion or food blogger so I don’t always produce my own photography. However, using the right images are SO important in this age of blogging. It can mean the difference between an attention-grabbing post that receives a ton of clicks, and one that zips right by someone’s newsfeed.

Until next week bloggers!

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