26: Best Year Yet

Yesterday was my birthday! 

This year, the day completely snuck up on me. Before I knew it, the clocks changed and I was ushered out of my quarter-life and into the unchartered territory of my late-twenties.

All day yesterday I went back and forth between reflecting on year 25 and goal-setting for year 26. Either way, my mind was a complete mess and not at all relaxed. Why is that? Why can’t I just enjoy my birthday?

I must be crazy twenty-something girl trying to figure her life out huh?

My best friend and I call these mind-numbing moments the “birthday blues”. On your birthday there’s an insane amount of attention on you, and yet, you’ve never felt more alone. It’s like your having your very own emotional New Year’s Eve: equal parts amazing and terrifying.

So this year I tried something new. I felt my birthday blues coming on and I let myself feel them. Sure there may have been a few emotional tears, but I embraced them. And you know what? It actually helped.

The more I thought about it the more I got excited for the year ahead. This past year didn’t come without its share of excitement. I’ll admit, 25 will be a hard to top. But I’m up for the challenge.

So in the spirit of my own personal New Year’s, and to make sure yesterday’s birthday blues were productive, I’ve compiled my list of my favorite memories of 25. Hoping these moments will inspire the year to come!

1. Getting laid off…again. 

The BIGGEST blessing in disguise.

2. After three years of dragging my feet, finally launching Job Offers & Bad Boyfriends.

Meredith Gonsalves_Secrets

3. My Ivanka Trump black thigh highs.

Easily the best purchase of 25.

4. Finding myself…and nature… on a trip with my dad to San Francisco.  


5. Watching my inspiring grandmother turn 80.

In style of course. 

26 Best Year Yet

6. Spending many of my last Chicago winter days snowed-in with a bottle of wine and my best friend.

7. Celebrating four years with my boyfriend by attending a romantic viewing of Jurassic World in IMAX.

Be jealous.

26 Best Year Yet

8.  The trip of a lifetime in Greece with my family and very best friend. 

Too many “pinch me” moments to count. 

26 Best Year Yet

9. Deciding NOT to take another office job.  

Switching up my career path for the time being was just what the doctor ordered. 

and last but not least...

10. Packing up my life and moving to Austin to take a chance on something new with a very special someone. 



Thanks for all the birthday wishes, and continuing to read along as I navigate/stumble through my twenties. Because damnit 26, you WILL be the best year yet!