Blogger Tip: The best blog advice I ever got

Little Blog Book

Just shut up, and DO It.


I have this idea of myself: that I’m this free spirit who lives life on a whim, makes spontaneous decisions, and doesn’t crave order or schedules.

The reality is, I am not this person.

I’m a planner, a thinker, and a double thinker. I don’t “just do things”. If I do something stupid or crazy it’s completely on purpose.

So when the time came to launch my blog, I of course sat down and put a lot of thought into it. How would it look? What would my first post be? How should I plan the next few posts? How often should I be posting? The list went on and on. And the more I thought about it, the more my plan changed. I must have put off the launch at least three times because I felt I was missing something.

I remember being on the phone with a friend and fellow blogger talking it through. I was rattling off a million questions to her and at one point she stopped me and said,

“Oh girl, just shut up and do it. I didn’t have any of the things you’re talking about planned out when I started. I just picked stuff up as I went.”

Best. Advice. Ever.

I swallowed my pride and followed her advice. I stopped thinking and started DOING. I launched Job Offers & Bad Boyfriends the next week and guess what? It was far from perfect, and there were TONS of kinks to work out. But I’m glad I did it because it was surprisingly satisfying to learn as I went along.

So in honor of my first official Little Blog Book series post, I thought there was no better blog advice to give than this: If you’ve sat on your blog idea for a while, STOP. Your ideas, posts, and pictures are no good gathering dust in your iCloud. Launch the damn thing and start making things happen.

Think about how many projects at work you’d be able to just start and edit along the way? Not many right? Blogging is just the opposite. If you have a good idea, start writing. If you have a vision for what you want your site to look like, start playing around with it. If you don’t like it a week from now, change it. I’m not saying don’t plan anything, just don’t pull yourself back from sharing it because it’s not perfect.

For those of you who’ve already started a blog (first off, awesome!) I would encourage you to apply this mantra to the next stage of your blogging. Maybe you’ve thought about starting a newsletter or creating an instagram account. If you’ve thought about it, it probably means some good ideas are already marinating, so make like a badass and just DO IT!


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Don’t fool yourself into thinking your post headlines don’t really matter. The title of your post is the first thing people see and what will likely entice them to click through and read your content. So yes, it’s important!

There is actually an art to writing a good headline. And I’m sharing my trick with you –  I LOVE this tool by CoSchedule. All you do is write in your headline and it instantly gives you a grade and analysis.


Co Schedule Tool

And look who got a B+…I’ll take it!

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Happy blogging babes!