How job hungry are you? A post inspired by Rory Gilmore

How Job Hungry Are You - Rory Gilmore

How Job Hungry Are You - Rory Gilmore

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The other night I did what any girl of the 90’s does when a night in bed sounds better than a loud bar. I binge-watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I’m currently halfway through season six. What can I say, I don’t do anything half ass.

I’m sharing this tragically basic secret with you because I was reminded of something while watching the show and felt compelled to write to all the women out there feeling stuck in their jobs. (Warning to those who aren’t familiar with the series, I’m about to dive into serious Gilmore Girls analysis. My advice to you – open up Netflix, click play, and kiss your weekend nights for the next two months goodbye.)

Let me first set the scene: It’s season six and an estranged and confused Rory is surprised with a visit from her bad boy, turned brilliant writer ex-boyfriend, Jess (#TeamJess). Jess sees Rory, this once driven Yale student and aspiring journalist, throwing her life away. He confronts her and we see Rory finally break down and start to turn her life around. Her first order of business is to get a job at the paper she previously interned at. When she’s told there aren’t any positions available she stations herself at the office every day for a week asking for just five minutes of the Editor’s time. Finally, exasperated with her persistence, the Editor agrees to speak with her and she ends up getting a job.

Rory’s perseverance to get herself a job really hit home with me. For almost half a season I watched this girl convince herself right out of the life she always wanted. This plot twist could not have come at a better time. I was half an episode away from giving up. But then, that Rory Gilmore grit and determination sucked me right back in.

I tried to think of a time in my career when I felt that hungry. That passionate. Being hungry makes you do crazy things. In Rory’s case, she stalked an Editor outside his office until he gave her a job. Now in real life I don’t recommend any type of stalking, but there’s something to be said for stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. I certainly did.

There was a time in my very first job out of college where I felt stuck. I knew I wasn’t completely happy and part of me had given up on getting my career back on track. Instead of having a “Jess” snap me out of my rut, my company laid me off and forced me back into the job hunt. I didn’t want to fall into the same pattern with my next job so I did everything I could think of to change my circumstance.

I was hungry for the right job.

I attended countless networking events, reached out to people I didn’t even know on LinkedIn, and connected with anyone and everyone in my field to get a leg up. I went from spending my days doing meaningless tasks, to hitting the pavement and making every action and conversation count. My comfort was no longer a factor. I was focused solely on my end goal. 

It was that period of time that made me most resilient. The lessons and relationships that came out of that experience will serve me the rest of my life. Above anything else, I learned what it felt like to be hungry. And I don’t want to ever lose that feeling again.

Some would say hunger is a weakness. I would disagree. Hunger is a good thing. It drives you to act and think differently. I’m only slightly embarrassed it took an episode of Gilmore Girls to remind me of it.

So, on a scale of one to Rory Gilmore, how hungry are you?

Gilmore Girls

Referencing Gilmore Girls Season 6, Episode 9: The Prodigal Daughter Returns

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