Six [anything but] basic blogs for the working girl

Blogs To Get You Through The Work Week

Blogs To Get You Through The Work Week

//Photo Courtesy: Tumblr//

Even though I’m a new blogger, I’m not new to blogging. In fact I’ve spent a good portion of my career on the brand side, helping align publishers, businesses, and bloggers through digital campaigns.  I’ve actually spent entire days at work scouring the internet in the hopes of uncovering amazing blogs (my industry does have it’s benefits!). Naturally, I got pretty good at finding great blogs, and soon they became my weekly work reading material. And since I’m a big believer in supporting other bad ass women doing great things, I wanted to share a few of them with you.

These women make me think, smile, laugh, and cry (happy tears!) with their words. They also inspire me as a blogger, which is why I can’t wait for you to check them out!

So when your work week gets a little “eh” have these babies on standby. Here are my bookmarked blogs that are sure to make your work week a little sunnier.



The Rational Rebel

//Tara Moore holds nothing back on The Rational Rebel//

Good For: When your soul needs a little self-love. Also pairs nicely with a good ol’ fashion dose of Alanis Morissett angry chick music.

Must Read: When He Can’t Get It Up // Why Every Woman Must Have A Bucket List

The 411: Tara is fierce and British…which basically makes her  my favorite breed of woman. Her blog encourages women to be their best version of themselves and leaves no room for bullshit. Think of The Rational Rebel as the anti-Cosmopolitan magazine.



Tech Biz Gurl

  //Jessica Williams is a tech and business superwoman on Tech Biz Gurl//

Good For: The middle of the week, when there’s more work than hours in the day.

Must Read: OMG She Stole My Stuff // Three Tricks For Conquering Overwhelm

The 411: Jessica has the mindset of a successful entrepreneur, and guess what? She’s not afraid to share it. Her posts hit every issue of the modern working woman. Added bonus: Most of her posts actually contain audio recordings making it easy to take in on your morning work commute.



Tipsy Writer

//Megan Johnson writes better when she’s tipsy on Tipsy Writer//

Good For: If you need a quick pick-me-up and it’s too early for vodka.

Must Read: The Art of Being Happy For Others // Why Everyone (Including You) Should Start A Blog

The 411: Think self-improvement with a side of snarky in three minutes or less. I’ve been following Megan for years and I was always drawn to her unique voice and writing style. She truly understands the issues facing millennial woman! Not to mention, her blog design is tres chic.



You're Still Fat

//Caitlin and Liza giving face on You’re Still Fat//

Good For: Your lunch break… if your lunch is avocado toast.

Must Read: Oh, Yumbo // Your Low Cal Guide To #PFW

The 411: These girls [literally] feed my soul. Their oh-so-fabulous commentary on everything food and fashion is almost as good as inhaling a donut while wearing my Ivanka Trump thigh highs.



She Did It Her Way Podcast

//Amanda, Tess, and Molly are the inspiring women behind She Did It Her Way// 

Good For: Making that business idea you had just a minute ago, seem more like a reality.

Must Read:  Building Business, Changing Lives With Michelle Blue // Listen More, Talk Less With Natalie Alexia

The 411: As you’ve probably gathered from reading my blog, I’m a big supporter of women finding exactly what they’re meant to do, and going for it. This podcast/blog series was introduced to me this year and I quickly became a devote listener. These weekly podcasts feature Q&A’s with women who have started a business from the ground up. If you have even the smallest entrepreneurial bone in your body, you’ll appreciate their stories.



The Golden Girl

//Jess Keys is the golden girl of fashion//

Good For: When you literally have nothing to wear. So…essentially every day.

Must Read: Attacking Your Closet Demons // 7 Surprising Ways To Score On Etsy

The 411: Jess makes dressing stylish look completely effortless. Also having met her, she is the sweetest girl! If you’re looking for work, brunch, shopping, even date night outfit inspiration, The Golden Girl is where to go. If you don’t believe me, check out her January posts. Any girl who can make dressing in Chicago’s winter look cute knows her stuff.


What do you think of my list? What would you add? Comment below and share your favorite blogs with me!