Why entrepreneurship makes me nervous… in a good way

Why Entrepreneurship Make Me Nervous

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When I think about when I first started dating my boyfriend, all I can remember is how nervous I was. All. The. Time. My friends would make fun of me for downing a huge glass of wine before our dates just to relax a little. This man made me, a college educated independent career women, nervous. Naturally it infuriated me. Except, then it didn’t.

Those nerves made our first couple months together exciting. It’s the type of discomfort you crave because you know you’ve found something great. Even after almost four years together, he’s seen me in gross sweatpants and clumps of mascara running down my cheeks, and there are times I’m still nervous with him. And it’s those moments I love.

I find myself in a similar dating scenario now. I’ve flirted with the idea of being an “entrepreneur” and “freelancer” for over a year, and my recent corporate job breakup has made me more seriously consider it. The only problem?

The nerves I feel when I think about entrepreneurship would smoke my boyfriend.

Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur is sexy. The word “entrepreneurship” carries a certain level of confidence and authority that makes those who dare use it, unbelievably nervous. I’m the first to say the sexiness intimidates me. And since deciding to entertain this career path, eliminating my fears about being an entrepreneur have taken almost as much work and energy as building my actual business.

So I’ve decided not stop trying to get rid of the nerves. I’ve decided to feel them. #allthefeels

To be clear, I’ll still be drinking wine.

Richard Branson said, “Successful people start before they’re ready.”  When I speak to other entrepreneurs I’m in awe of how organized and meticulous their business operations are. I’m envious of the comfort and ease they convey when talking about the success of their business. But then I realize, they didn’t start out that way. No one did. So why should I expect to have all my shit together right away?

For me right now, the nerves are enough. The nerves keep me hungry and working hard. They make me realize I’m on to something I’m truly passionate about. Something I will do anything I possibly can to make work. If I’m being honest with myself (and all of you!), there are parts of building a business that I’m probably not ready for. I’ll probably learn the ins and outs of being a good girlfriend to my business along the way. And that’s OK, as long as I start now.

So I’m doing what any respectable girl would do who feels this nervous…I’m going all the way.


What makes you nervous? Do those nerves drive you to work harder? 


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