Why I started saying “I’m proud of you” instead of “I love you”

Why I Started Saying I'm Proud of You

Why I Started Saying I'm Proud of You


Full disclosure: My boyfriend and I dated for nine months before we said “I love you.” Of course once we finally said it, I couldn’t stop. It’s a great way to end a conversation before hanging up the phone or leaving for work in the morning isn’t it? At the risk of sounding cheesy, the words “I love you” leave a warm fuzzy feeling inside and saying them becomes addictive.

Some would say there’s nothing more romantic or intimate one person could say to their significant other, and  in the beginning of my relationship I agreed. But then the growing pains every couple starts to feel when things get tough kicked in. Everything my boyfriend experienced, good, bad or ugly, I experienced too, and vise versa. When I lost my job, it was like he lost his job too. And when he didn’t get that promotion he deserved, I felt angry just like him. As we grew up together through our tumultuous early 20’s, I grew more appreciative of the person he was, rather than simply how he made me feel.

So I switched it up a bit and replaced some of those “I love you’s” with “I’m proud of you.”

And then he started saying it back. And it was awesome.

Naturally it went something like this…

I'm So Proud of You

Pride isn’t something you can fake or manifest. Much like love, you don’t want to say it unless you mean it.

To me the words “I’m proud of you” signify a deeper understanding of the person you’re with. In the last four years I’ve seen my boyfriend through every obstacle and know how hard he’s worked to be where he is. So when he leaves for work in the morning, I want him to know that I recognize that about him and that someone close to him who “gets it”, is truly proud.

Words are great, but so are presents. Can we talk about these adorable things I found on etsy? Very worthy of a “good boyfriend”. 

I'm Proud Of You
I’m so PROUD of you because… – 5×7 Journal // Journaling Jane

I'm So Proud Of You Stamp

 I’m so proud of you – Rubber Stamp // EverydaySupply

I'm So Proud Of You Poster

I’m so proud of you digital poster // Osanty

I'm So Proud Of You Cards

Reasons “I’m so proud of you” Card Set // CardsDuJour

I'm So Proud Of You Greeting Card

I’m So Proud Of You: 100% Recycled Card // LittleHeidiUK

So what’s your take on saying “I’m proud of you”? So fetch, or will “I love you” always be your go-to? 


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