Sh*t badass career women say – part one

Shit Career Women Say

Ever think to yourself – damn there are a ton of badass women in this world? Yeah, me too. I’m inspired every day by the women I read about online, watch on TV, talk to at events, or meet at work. The truth is, there’s a lot of women in our past present and future who do amazing things and have some pretty epic shit to say. Every week I’ll feature some of favorite quotes from real career women.

For the ladies who know spring cleaning can’t come soon enough. 

Shit Bad Ass Women Say 1


#SorryNotSorry Prince Charles

Shit Bad Ass Women Say 4


Saying it makes it real, so start talking girl. 

Shit Bad Ass Women Say 2


Because darling, you’re just fabulous and don’t ever forget it. 

Shit Bad Ass Women Say 3


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